Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ty's 1st Birthday!

Ty on the way to his birthday party!
I cannot believe my little man is already ONE! Where has the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday that I went through the hardest day of my life to get him here, and ended up with the most perfect little baby I've ever seen. Ty is by far my greatest accomplishment, and my greatest Joy. I cannot imagine my life without him. People talk about "waiting" to have kids until you've been married longer, or until you are ready. Well, Clarke and I weren't expecting Ty as soon as he came, but I am SO grateful Heavenly Father had a bigger plan for our family, because Ty has strengthened our marriage, and made our lives so much happier than we ever could have imagined. There is never ever a dull moment in our home, and we wouldn't change it for anything! 
Ty is the sweetest little trouble maker. If there's something he shouldn't be getting in to, he'll find it. Seriously though, this kid has talent! It amazes me how quick I have to be on my toes with him. I turn my back for one second, and he's already got the whole roll of toilet paper unrolled, his toys in the toilet, the neighbor doggie's poo in his hands, my cell phone in the bath tub, the trash in the trash can thrown all over the house, the whole box of q-tips spread through the bathroom and q-tips up his nose, dad's nice computer cord has been chewed on, school textbooks ripped to shreds, toys down the heating vents.... I could go on and on. Like I said earlier, there is never a dull moment with this kid. 
Ty loves anything to do with Balls. Or anything round. He will kick around a ball all day. He loves goldfish and most crackers, he loves to be outside, he loves walks, he loves going on runs with mommy, he loves animals, loves to give mommy and daddy kisses, he loves to read story books, he loves his blankets and if you give him one, his thumb immediately goes in his mouth. He loves to scream with excitement, he loves the bathtub and anything water. Ty can say dada, wow, and was-tha (which we thing sounds like "what's that?"). He started walking at 9 months, and ever since then I've been trying to keep up with him. He's so smart, and a quick learner. He loves to wrestle, and gets jealous with Clarke and I cuddle. He'll run up to us, and climb right in between us and just giggle. It's the best!
I love this little guy with all my heart, and feel so blessed to be his mom!

Ty was so excited to have balloons in the car! (on the way to his birthday party)

For his birthday, we decided to keep the party pretty small with just family. He gets overwhelmed with a lot of people, and gets really shy, so we wanted him to have fun and not be cranky. We still had quite a few people there. My family, Clarke's family, Grandparents, and Malena and Ariel (they might as well be family!).
I wanted to do a themed party, and so I went with a "Goldfish/Pirate Theme" Mostly because one of Ty's favorite things is Goldfish. I had a pretty tight budget, so I made everything myself, and I love the way it turned out! 
Ty was still kinda overwhelmed with everyone that was there, but he did love opening his presents and playing with his new toys. He didn't really like the cake smash, he mostly cried. I don't think he like having his hands covered in cake. I think the happiest he was all night was when Arielle came over and the 2 kids sat on the floor and ate goldfish straight from the jar. 
I'm grateful to everyone that came and supported our little family in our little stepping stone. 

I can't wait to see what this next year brings for our family and see how much Ty grows! :)

Birthday Banner!
 I made a picture collage of pictures from every month up until his first birthday. It's so crazy to see how much he's changed over the past year!
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My subway art
Gold fish crackers, subway art, and Fish bait (Gummy worms, and Gummy octopus's)

Cupcakes with little Pirate Toppers
 I was so proud of my cake! I found this cute little pirate bathtub toy, and then made the cake to look like an ocean, and a beach! I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Fish Eggs, and Swedish Fish

"Sea Water" Yummy!

The whole table all decorated

Me and Ty before the party started!

Family Photo! We just love this little guy!
Ty and his favorite Uncle Mas!

Ty and Uncle Tan man

Mac+ Mac's boyfriend, Jen and Britt

Grandpa and Grandma Beckham with baby Owen

Makai and Tate

Aunt Jen, and Uncle Andrew

Ty getting really excited about his new toys.

Uncle Tate helping Ty with his new hammer

Ty with his firetruck

Ty loves his new book!

Grandpa Beckham tradition (One dollar for every year, plus one to grow on) Ty was super excited about his 2 dollar bill!

Ty with Grandma Greer

Ty with Grandpa

He was really excited about that shoe...

Ty with his best friend Arielle and my best friend Malena

Bunny kisses

Ty and Arielle eating Goldfish on the ground.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Changing leaves

We took advantage of the changing colors early this year, and took a drive up to Brighton Ski Resort. The weather was perfect, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful! We had just run the dirty dash, and we were so excited to wear our matching shirts. We didn't have someone to take pictures for us, so we used the handy little "10 second timer" on my camera, and set it up on the car for some family pics! It was the perfect Sunday drive, even Ty loved it. Mostly because we let him out often to play in the dirt, eat the leaves, and suck on rocks. We're such good parents! :)

Love his little kisses!

Ty spends most of his time eating rocks and dirt. We spend most of our time trying to stop him.

This poor kid just gets smothered with kisses

BYU game with Tan Man

A couple weekends ago Clarke went out of town on a campout with the Young Mens, and left me with an extra ticket to the BYU game. What's a girl to do? Oh yeah... Get another handsome date to go with her! So I decided to take my little brother Tan man with me. 
Tanner is such a stud, I seriously don't know where he came from. He's just such a good kid. He works with special needs kids, volunteer's his summers to be a counselor at a camp for kids with muscular dystrophy, he wants to eventually work with special needs kids or troubled youth, he's nice to everyone, a spiritual giant, he's always making good choices, puts me in my place, and does not care one bit what other people think of him. Oh yeah, and just recently he took a special needs girl to homecoming! How cute is he? So needless to say, I had the cutest date in the whole stadium! (Sorry Clarke). haha We had a blast just chatting the whole time, and barely paying attention to the game. Now that's my kind of date! When I go with Clarke, he's usually so focused on the game that he doesn't want to chat with me about mindless things. No fun! 
Tanner and I have always had a special relationship. We used to play flashlight barbie, and house, and he was always happy to let me dress him up. He has always been my little buddy, and took great pride and joy in trying to scare off all potential boyfriends, he was actually pretty clever. I would always get even though, usually by some type of wedgie torture... I love this kid so much, even if he does call me "Thunder Thighs..."
The game was a blow out. We killed the other team, I think they might have been wearing blue? Who knows, I wasn't paying that much attention. 
Oh and also... Note to self, if you are trying to sneak in food to the BYU games, it might not be the best idea to stick popcorn up your shirt to look preggo, just in case you run into people you know... It gets pretty awkward trying to explain that NO, I am not pregnant... I'm just sneaking in food... haha

Isn't he a cutie!

I'm definitely going to miss this kid when he heads off on his mission... Less than a year before this boy turns 18 and leaves me! So proud of him for wanting to go early, but it's going to be hard to say goodbye for 2 whole years! 

St George Girls Trip

I think my mom, sisters, and I might be starting a tradition and I'm loving the idea of it! This was our 2nd year taking a weekend off, and heading up to sunny St George for a girls weekend. This time Ty got to come along and crash our girls party, that's ok though he's so dang cute no one minded very much! We had a blast, and I cannot wait until next year! 
We saw Aladin at the Tuacahn theater Thursday night, and it was AMAZING. Seriously one of the best plays I have ever seen. The special effects were awesome, and it was just so well done. I may or may not have gotten a little emotional when dropping Ty off at their daycare... It was my first time giving him to a stranger! I worried the whole play, and when I went to pick him up he didn't even want to come with me. He was too happy playing with all his new little friends and toys. 

Aladin had the coolest 3D glasses! :)

Friday was the pool day. I seriously could live at the pool. I love soaking up the rays, and playing in the water with my little guy. After spending most of the day at the pool, we headed out for some shopping (It wouldn't be a girls weekend without shopping right?), and cafe rio. Which happens to be my absolute favorite food in the whole world. Pork Salad, black beans, no cilantro. Just in case you ever wanted to buy me some! :) And then home with ice cream and a chick flick. Perfect day.

He loves his playing with his Ball. He carries that thing everywhere.

Saturday we packed up and headed to Zion's National Park. This place is BEAUTIFUL. We didn't have a baby carrier, so I had to carry Ty the whole time, which seemed easy at the beginning, but that kid gets pretty heavy after a while! We decided to hike the Narrows, which is an amazing hike mostly in freezing cold water in between 2 red rock canyon walls. The farther you hike into the canyon, the more narrow the walls get (Thus the name "The Narrows"). We didn't go very far since it started to get deep, and would be dangerous for a little baby. But what we did see was pretty amazing. I didn't realize we would be hiking in water, so before we left we went to the DI to get used tenni's. Gross. The only ones they had were "Shape Ups." OMG. Those things were UGLY, and not to mention uncomfortable. All the butt shapage goin on was not feelin so good after a long hike. Never buy those, so not worth it. I did look pretty cool though... haha

I know you're all jealous of my shoes right now...

Can't wait for next year!