Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pre- Birth Story for Livi June

     Finding out I was pregnant with Livi was such an exciting time. I had wanted to be pregnant so badly, I wanted Ty to have a little brother or sister close in age, so that they could be little buddies. I knew I was pregnant before I ever took a test. Clarke and I were on a romantic overnight getaway, and I was SO sick. It came on pretty fast, and I was so bummed that I was about to ruin this getaway we had planned on and worked hard for. The weird thing was that it didn't feel like flu, it felt EXACTLY what it felt like to be pregnant with Ty. When I was pregnant with Ty I was sick every single day for the whole pregnancy, so it's hard to forget what that feels like. I knew I was pregnant. I told Clarke I was probably pregnant. When we went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory, I was so sick while we were waiting that I even told the hostess that I was pregnant and needed bread NOW, or I was going to puke. Haha never mess with a hungry pregnant woman... After getting some food in me, my symptoms weren't as bad, and Clarke and I were able to have such a fun memorable night. At one point I begged him to let me go to the grocery store and grab a pregnancy test. He convinced me to wait though. Which looking back was really smart. I'm glad that we waited, and let the night be about me and him, instead of focusing on a pregnancy.
     The day we went home, I obviously had to go grocery shopping. Our fridge was bare, and I was antsy to get a pregnancy test. I bought the test, and then went right into the store bathroom and peed on a stick. I was pregnant! I did a little dance in the bathroom. :)
     I wanted to tell Clarke in a creative way, since he still makes fun of me for how I told him with Ty. (I was sooooo deathly sick with Ty I could barely move. Clarke walked in the door from work, and I was moaning, pulled out the stick and showed him the test. Super Lame I know, but I was just so relieved I wasn't dying and there was a reason for all the sickness. I was way too sick to think of anything clever/cute. I still regret it, and he still laughs about it.) I decided to write "Big Brother" on a onesie and have Ty wear it and see how long it took Clarke to see it. It was cute and fun, and took Clarke like 2 seconds to see that I was pregnant. It was such a fun/exciting time for my family.
     We announced our pregnancy by taking a picture of Clarke and Ty together, and then me a few feet away. We edited the picture to say Clarke/Ty + Lanaya = 4. We gave my mom a picture frame with the picture in it for her birthday, when she opened it in front of the family, she said "Oh that's cute!" but didn't get that it was an announcement until my sister yelled "You're pregnant!" With Clarke's family, we made little Valentines with the picture in it, and handed them out. Everyone was really excited about it, and really willing to help out with Ty since I was so sick. 

     Pregnancy with Livi was not as bad as it was with Ty. I was still REALLY sick, but I was still able to be a good mom to Ty, and work in the ER with the help of zofran (miracle drug I swear!). The last few months of my pregnancy I was even able to say that there were days/weeks I didn't feel sick at all. I had always heard that each pregnancy is completely different, so when Livi wasn't much of a mover, I didn't think too much of it. I just remembered Ty moving non-stop, so I thought that was normal. I would talk to Clarke about it often, but he would always reassure me that I was worrying too much, and everything was fine. My doctor calmed my fears, and said that sometimes babies just choose to move less. Still though, in the back of my mind, I worried. I had this nagging fear that something wasn't quite right. I put it off though, as just pre-baby jitters. I had had multiple ultrasounds through the actual OB office, AND at my work (perks of working in the ER). Every single ultrasound was amazing! Perfect heartbeat, perfect baby, lots of movement, perfect features. There was nothing to worry about.
     I was so excited when I found out she was a girl!! I had hoped for a little boy. I thought that having them so close together would be so fun for Ty to have a little buddy. I knew that if I had a boy, I'd be set. I have everything for a boy. I know how to be a mom to a little boy. Having a girl though, would probably break the bank, I mean lets be honest... How can you not want to buy everything in the little girl section at the store? Little girl things are just so stinking cute!! Clarke guessed that it would be a girl all along. :) When I found out she was a girl, I was ecstatic! I've always known I wanted a little girl at some point, and I immediately got so giddy just thinking about it.
     We had 2 gender reveal parties with both of our families. It was Easter time, so we bought blue, and pink eggs and did a little easter egg hunt for everyone. If there were more blue than pink it was a boy, and vice versa. It was hilarious to watch everyone, including adults run around the house in a frenzy looking for eggs, and shouting out colors as they found them. With both families, we hid one pink egg REALLY hard, so that it would come down to the very last egg to know the gender. The suspense and build up was awesome, and I'm glad we made it such a fun time for everyone.

     It was finally August! I was ready to have this baby. I was huge, uncomfortable, and so tired of the summer heat. I got sick 2 weeks before my due date with an annoying cold. I was SO bugged, and although everyone around me kept saying "Any day now!" I kept thinking, NO WAY. This baby is not coming when I'm sick. I don't want to get my newborn sick. How awful would that be? I decided I was content to go 2 weeks overdue if that's what it would take for me to be healthy. A week before I was due, Ty got really sick. He had "hand foot and mouth." Worst childhood illness ever. I wouldn't wish it on any mom/kid. He had horrible bumps all over his mouth, feet, hands, stomach. The worst was around his mouth. It was so bad, that the bumps themselves got infected. He looked gross, and miserable. Luckily "Hand foot and mouth" isn't contagious to adults, just kids. I was so stressed that the baby would come, and get the same thing... I made a plan. This baby would not be coming. I told her that she better get comfortable because she was going to be late. I was dead serious when I said I wanted to go 2 weeks over. If I did go into labor, we'd have family take care of him until he was 100%, and then we would bring him home. We planned to disinfect the entire house when I went into labor, so that when we came home there wouldn't be a risk of her getting sick.
     Ty got really bad one night. His fever was so high, he was in a lot of pain, and really lethargic. I hated that I couldn't do anything for him. I asked my dad to drive over and help Clarke give him a blessing. Before my dad left, I asked him if he would give me a Father's blessing. I was feeling a lot of stress with the baby coming, and everything else that was going on. It was such a sweet blessing. I was blessed that I would have no problems with labor, and that everything would go smoothly. I can't remember the exact words, but I do remember that my dad blessed me that I would have the patience, strength, and faith to deal with having another child. The way he worded it, to everyone else might seem like he was just blessing me to be able to handle having 2 kids etc. But to me, I knew that something was wrong, and that I would need to have a great amount of faith and strength to get through what was about to be my life. I tried to tell myself that I was just stressing. I decided to not think about it, and just focus on non-labor vibes and my list of To-Do's. There were a bunch of little things that in my mind HAD to be done before she came. Some would call it nesting, but I think Clarke just called it crazy.

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